Thursday, 14 February 2008

Stash pics

As I still haven't done any swatches (very much my bad, although I have been really busy with uni work) I thought I'd post some swatch pics. These are fairly old in that my stash has grown considerably since these were taken although in actuality they were shot less than 6 months ago. And I guess they weren't really 'stash' pics as they were just of a portion of goodies I'd recently bought. But, enough of the rambling, here are the pics!

Most of my goodies are 'drug store' brands rather than high end, with the exception of my Benefit makeup collection from when I worked there, and various mineral samples from Fyrinnae, Mad Minerals, Pure Luxe and Taylor Made Minerals. I have yet to find an NYX product that I don't like and I'm looking forward to placing my first Cherry Culture order to try out some more brands.
As many ladies in the UK will know, we have far fewer of these cheaper brand than you do in the US, and even our cheapest options (Miss Sporty, Rimmel, etc etc) aren't as cheap as the wide variety of brands you will find on the other side of the pond. All I can say is, praise be for the exchange rate and lovely online stores like Cherry Culture who don't charge a fortune and a half for shipping (My Divas Closet - take note!!)

Sunday, 10 February 2008

The New Max Factor

Having seen the new MAXFactor Vivid Impact mascara previewed in one of my magazines, I decided to hop over to the US version of the MAXFactor site to take a look.
I seriously hope that the UK arm of the brand will be revamped to come in-line with the American version as I am really liking this new look and product line.
MAXFactor 2000 Calorie has been one of my favourite mascaras since time began so I can't wait to try their new coloured mascaras too, and I'm impressed by the fun colours in their eyeshadow, even if I do already have enough shadows to open my own store...

Friday, 1 February 2008

Open Toes

I know I promised some swatches, and I can confirm they'll be coming soon. Today, in fact, just as soon as my camera battery is charged.
So I thought I'd take the time to wax lyrical about one of my other passions - shoes!

I was so excited when I saw these pictures from Dior's spring/summer 08 couture show (courtesy of I love shoes. I especially love coloured shoes, crazy shows, platform shoes.. and Galliano at Dior certainly fitted that bill. True, I'm very suprised no-one fell over (remember Naomi Campbell and those Vivienne Westwood babies?), but they look amazing.
Just as amazing were Diane Kruger's shoes as she went to watch the show at Paris Fashion Week:

Now I have to admit that without the aid of I don't have a clue who Diane Kruger is, but you have to love those shoes. Teaming something like those with a plain black outfit is without a doubt the way to wear them. When you've got a pattern as dominating as animal print the key is definitely less is more. Full marks to Diane for these. Reminds me of a gorgeous pair of Louis Vuitton balmoral knock-offs that I had in white leopard print that I (incredibly sadly) had to sell on for being too small. My heart still bleeds for those shoes...